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Worst weeds

06/11/2013 in invasive plants

I was talking to a fellow garden blogger today… and he mentioned that a part of getting his nursery certified was getting his cogongrass eradicated.

Cogongrass has been in the news, I see reports on “The Farm Monitor” and “The Ag Journal” on network television… I’d seen the field guide to cogongrass identification but I really didn’t know all that much about it… Went to google… made for interesting reading and viewing…  in watching those videos, I remarked on it’s similarity to Johnson grass…

cogongrass seems to be worse…

Cogongrass has been called one of the world’s ten worst weeds… This seems like a pretty serious claim, and I was curious what other weeds made the list…

Found a list for Mississippi:

Found this list:

It’s kind of hard to take it seriously though… a list that includes lamb’s quarter and purslane? Lambsquarter is a valuable food item at my house, and purslane could be… and neither is any great shakes as weeds… If you wanted to include annual weeds, chamberbitter (Phyllanthus niruri) and mulberry weed (Fatoua villosa) would make far better candidates…

It seems like a list of the worst weeds should take into account things like rizomes, stolons, and the born pregnant qualities of the 2 above annuals.

A better list would be this list of Georgia invasives

My list?

Glad you asked…

In no particular order,

  1. nutsedge
  2. bermuda grass
  3. Florida betony
  4. johnson grass
  5. chickweed
  6. chamberbitter
  7. mulberry weed
  8. Chinese wisteria
  9. morning glories
  10. better place cogon grass on the list.
  11. Stilt grass (Microstegium vimineum)
  12. wavy leaf basket grass (Oplismenus hirtellus ssp. undulatifolius)
  13. eleagnus
  14. privet
  15. Japanese honeysuckle
  16. dodder
  17. creeping charlie
  18. dichondra
  19. dollar weed (Hydrocotyle sp.)
  20. Houttuynia cordata
  21. duchesnea

With a bit of walking around other people’s gardens, I could easily extend this list to a hundred… bringing it down to 10 probably wouldn’t be as easy.

Do you have a bad weed? I’d like to hear about it.

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01/16/2011 in gardening

Grass per se isn’t bad…
Continued from: new-year-new-garden

A meadow is supposed to have grass… The birds build nests in the high grass.

I used to find bird nests in the knee high rye grass when I got around to turning it under to plant vegetables in my Jeffersonville garden…

I leave the grass standing till summer in the new meadow, only cutting it down after the spring flowers have finished and the blackberries have ripened… This leaves the birds with plenty of nesting material in the Spring.

winter grass 2

When I start a new meadow, I find that patience works best… The seeds are already there…. I don’t have to do much more than pull the ragweed… I find that I don’t usually get many weeds in a new location. Weeds seem to come from container-grown plants!

Stuff like mimosa weed aka chamberbitter and rattlesnake weed are seen in the lawn and garden (in town), rarely in the wild!

Several years ago, a very savvy lady called me in to design the flower borders well in advance of the turf people…
I walked around her scraped clay lot, identified the wildflowers that were emerging and built the flower beds around the existing flowers! That’s another story… I’ll try to find some of those pictures… soon.

winter grass

winter grass

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