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Are you interested in writing for stonethegardener?

I will accept guest posts that are directly related to gardening. If you want to write on other subjects, probably better find a different blog to publish from.

I’m especially interested in articles that discuss alternative solutions. For example, rather than submit an article on turf maintenance, offer a post that describes allowing the turf to die in the heat and drought, and how you (personally) put down woodchips or gravel, and sprigged in sedum, or yarrow or mazus (or whatever). Include pictures, and you would have a very suitable post.

Guest posts must be original content (I check), and must be readable (no spun content).

I’m not going to accept contributions advocating the use of poisons or GMOs, but most anything else will be considered.

I’m very happy to post a link to your blog from your post, and If you work up an author’s bio, I’ll include that as well.

Have additional questions? Please ask in the form below or write from my contact page.

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