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Camellia Garden

02/29/2012 in gardening, winter gardening

I have some spectacular blooms from the Fickling camellia garden to show you.

These pictures are all clickable.

Happy February 29th!

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6 responses to Camellia Garden

  1. Super Camellias, lovely garden. Interesting to see the fritillaries in flower, must try those in our little woodland here, and the species tulips. Spring bulbs are so inspiring. Must go and check on our camellias, I think only one flowering so far unfortunately!

    • stone said on 02/29/2012

      Thanks Pauline…
      Species tulips actually grow here (middle Georgia), from year to year… the hybrids seldom do.

      That checkered fritillary is an interesting bulb, it just seems a little dull in coloration.

  2. Oh, I miss camelias!!! I have not grown any in several years. That bicolor is just beautiful.

    I bet they’d grow from softwood cuttings, no? Maybe I can get my hands on a few sometime. I’m getting ready to take cuttings from a bunch of the trees to see how they do. Just put a bunch of new fruit trees in the ground today. :)

    • stone said on 03/01/2012

      I’ve grown them from seed, but I haven’t been successful with cuttings yet.
      The international camellia society has a page on propagation where they talk about propagation as if you were performing ritualized alchemy, and magic.
      So… Good luck with the cuttings, you may want to try growing from seed as well, just to be sure that you get some plants….
      New fruit trees!
      Be careful of apple around cedar trees…

  3. According to Rand McNally, you live 252 miles from me yet in those 252 miles, you can grow all kinds of stuff that I can’t grow here. The hellebores for one. You could probably grow Astilbe, too, although I haven’t seen it on your website. Congrats on all the pretty stuff I wish I could grow.

  4. Emily said on 04/24/2012

    Wow, love all the Camellias!!! The colors are so beautiful. Wish I could have a garden that looks like that. Thanks for sharing.

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