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top 8 reasons why there’s no flowers in my flower bed

01/19/2012 in gardening

8. Acts of God

While there’s no denying that a tornado or hurricane can destroy a garden, and drought can kill unsuitable plants, planting native plants will usually mean that there are lots of flowers in spite of the vicissitudes of the seasons.

7. Animals

For a number of years, when I was asked what I grew in the garden, the answer was “deer and rabbits!”.
Bambi and Thumper love native plants, and they can be incredibly difficult to discourage.
While a fresh egg in a blender of water sprinkled over the plants will deter them, the need to re-apply weekly can make maintaining a large garden problematic. A fence is probably the best solution, but when they get hungry enough no fence will deter them. In such circumstances, it’s either put them in the stew pot or plant stuff they can not eat. Any google search of “poisonous plants” should turn up a variety of interesting landscape jewels.

6. Pruned at wrong time cut off flower buds

Sometimes when there’s an event coming up in the garden, we rush out to tidy. There can be a problem when that that messy bush that needed cutting back was getting ready to bloom. When the flower buds are cut back… there won’t be any flowers this year, and the plant could be injured permanently…

5. Pruned at wrong time, killed plant

This happens.
Sometimes we must allow the new arrival time to look ungainly in the garden while it finds it’s balance. Attempting to tidy these plants often kills them.

4. Pulled weeds, stepped on plants

I hate to say it… Weeds aren’t the worst thing in the flower bed. Our feet are.
Native plants evolved in competition with other plants. They’re unlikely to be crowded out by the weeds. Weeding when the seedlings are germinating, by walking on the beds, often means that the seedlings are killed.

3. Tidied the bed, pulled the flowers

Sometimes we “get in the zone”. We start pulling stuff, and not really paying attention. We get to thinking that we need to get the messy stuff out of the way of a hardscape feature, and only notice days later that the flowers that we had in that location are gone.

2. Weeded, didn’t recognize the flowers

The most important rule in the garden may well be this: If I don’t know what it is… It is not a weed!
Again, weeds are the plants that I recognize, that crowd the other plants out…

Plenty of the plants that I’ve planted deliberately turned out to be weeds, and many of my favorite plants showed up on their own.
Sometimes when we plant seeds, we don’t recognize the seedlings. for example, larkspur and carolina geranium resemble each other.
Maybe we pulled stuff we didn’t remember planting… it’s better to leave a patch of weeds than to lose what could well be some of our coolest garden plants!

1. Roundup

There really is no reason for this one.
Sometimes we get lazy, and just want the weeds gone, can’t wait for them to get large enough to pull. Unfortunately, the plants that are under the weeds are a lot more sensitive to the roundup than the weeds are. The weed dies back, and the sibling weeds emerging from the same batch of seed grow on, happy for the reduced competition. Meanwhile the really cool plant that was just beginning to come out of dormancy dies without ever letting us know that it was there… we only realize that it’s gone when the neighbor’s flower blooms.

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2 responses to top 8 reasons why there’s no flowers in my flower bed

  1. Overwatered, or planted a mediterranean plant in a bog.
    Wrong climate: planted New England favorites in the sunny South. 

    • stone said on 01/20/2012

      Thanks Nell, I knew there were more… I wanted a top ten list…
      I’ve seen plants drowned during a drought…

      I also wanted to add  “dead-headed the biennials” to the list…

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