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2011 Summer pictures

01/05/2012 in gardening, native plants, Summer


(part 3 of a 4 part series)

Summer is a time of bright colours and critters and weeds.

Being in a drought doesn’t prevent flowers from blooming. There were endless blooms in the watered gardens, and even the unwatered xeriscape gardens were bright with blooms and pollinators.

Eventually, some people did get some relief from the oppressive heat and endless drought with popcorn showers, and the rest of us saw clouds, and felt teased.

But even when the rain passed us by in favor of the neighbor’s garden, the clouds and cooler temp for an hour or the rest of the afternoon, were a blessing.

On to Autumn

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2 responses to 2011 Summer pictures

  1. The patch of Rudbeckias is beautiful. Loved the Crinum flowers and those magnificent Gloriosa flowers. Great selection of photos.

    • stone said on 01/11/2012

      Thanks Bernieh!
      I’ve got to admit being partial to the critter shots… As I was on your Aussie blog…

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