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Secret Garden Tour

04/30/2011 in gardening

It’s that time again… The Hay House kicks off the secret garden tour.
I’ve had yards in the tour on previous years, and when I rode past a house with a crowd out front and a big number on a sign out front, I knew what was going on… I just needed to get some tickets… Fortunately, the first house on the tour had a ticket-taker… We were on our way.

I felt like most yards had a fresh out of the pot feel to them. Good news for the nursery industry, but I have a difficult time calling it gardening.

House number 1

shade garden under Ginko tree

Shade garden under ginko tree;
I can’t fault the plants, helebore and autumn ferns…

I kind of liked garden number 2, in spite of the weeds… the plants had that established feel to them…
As evidenced by this large patch of alstroemeria…
Would be nice if I could come back and shoot it in bloom.
There were ripe loquats out in the side of the house, an edible garden is a nice idea also.

Confederate jasmine

confederate jasmine

This archway in front of house number 3 was impressive… What I really wanted though… was a ladder to pick the ripe mulberries that were overhanging the storage shed in back… Next time I should probably eat before going on a tour of gardens….


This delpinium caught my eye at house 4, mostly because it fooled the eye into thinking that it was a self seeded group of plants… everything else was a formal garden with freshly installed hedges, and freshly decanted perennials in the flower beds… Like I said, great news for the nursery business…

Strawberry pot

strawberry pot
This strawberry pot with the petunias involved is from house 5, where they had japanese maples inter-planted with clematis in the front and side yards, and big clumps of oriental lilies getting ready to bloom… I personally truly appreciated the large clumps of lilies, they were obviously well-established plants…

To me, the best was saved for last, with this little hidden garden and walk back to an artists getaway …

artists retreat
Plus… there were some monster fish in the koi pool…
koi pond

To be fair, it seemed like there were fountains and other water features at every house on the tour, but I checked them each for life… there wasn’t even as much as a tadpole in any of the rest of the fountains and such…

The tour of gardens is always educational, and it’s a pleasure to see what other people have done with the yard… There’s something about seeing how another person creates a feature that gives the rest of us ideas on how we might be able to improve on the concept.

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4 responses to Secret Garden Tour

  1. Thank you for the photo journey. You’re right that with nearly any creative effort it’s good to see what others are doing. That’s part of why would-be authors are told to read, read, read!

  2. Very nice… thanks Stone. I totally agree with number five being my favorite. And I sort of feel sorry for number 4′s delphinum… what is that stuff surrounding it? I really prefer dirt around plants even if ‘mulch” is the rage. (And what’s with the orange mulch… my son used it and it is so unnatural looking!) I also like the petunia stawberry table… very creative. Again, you are three weeks ahead of us here… my garden is still waking up.

  3. Oh, and my Koi grew over the winter… they are about 10-12 inches now! And the fat goldfish (named Jan, after my kids former boss who was obese) has slimmed down and is a striking fantail now.

  4. Ah yes, the last was the best. Impressed by that amount of concrete for a walkway. Had to be expensive. Any kind of walkway impresses me because, with two acres, its not affordable and there’s no way it would make sense. In a normal sized subdivision yard, however, it makes sense because of the
    size of the yard, which is limited.

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