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April Flowers

04/24/2011 in gardening, shade garden, Spring Garden

Chinese Mayapple

Chinese mayapple
Podophyllum pleianthum
The blooms are unusual, but the leaves show the close relationship with the native mayapple, shown on the march woodland colour post.

Mayapples are well known for their toxicity, making them a good plant for the deer proof garden…. the ripe fruit of the American plant is edible, but I’m finding conflicting information concerning the edibility of the fruit of this variety.


Baptisia australis is native to the region, though I haven’t seen the top-bloomers except in cultivation.
There’s a wild yellow indigo I often see in the sand hills… While I haven’t noticed the deer browsing the wild yellows, I have seen them eat the leaves of the garden variety indigos.

Louisiana iris

Louisiana iris
The Louisiana iris do surprisingly well in a southern shade garden, and are very resistant to deer depredations.

Rose Campion

rose campion
Lychnis coronaria An excellent plant for the xeric garden, long flowering, easy propagation, and kind of deer resistant. The deer will occasionally nibble on these in the early Spring when there’s little else, but they won’t enjoy them… That’s something, anyway.
I find that rose campion tolerate a good deal of shade, even more than commonly accepted shade plants like columbine and foxglove.


Digitalis purpurea
I’ve been having kind of a difficult time figuring out the foxgloves, being biennial makes them difficult to incorporate into a perennial bed…. And it seems like a lot of unnecessary effort to keep moving them… when I believe they would be perfectly happy if left where they come up… Unfortunately many people only want them in the flower border after they’ve reached bloom stalk stage…

red dots

The blooms are certainly pretty…. And completely deer proof.

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