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02/18/2011 in art, gardening

Art in the garden can be a controversial subject, we all have different tastes, and pink flamingos and gnomes get a lot of discussion…

There is the very real problem of how an accumulation of objects ‘d art can become indistinguishable from rubbish… for many of us, that can be more than a piece or two…

It’s hard to say what makes art, and in my personal opinion, a poorly positioned piece detracts, rather than improves.

And people still try….

Included below, I’ve taken some pictures from Melinda’s garden to display some of her successful pieces… the ones I like…

Lizards on a tree

lizard art

These lizards pursuing each other up a tree make a playful piece, and incorporates well into the garden.

Container on a stump

planting container on a stump

A large pot takes advantage of an existing feature… There’s really no good reason to bring in stump grinders, when stumps can be used for display, and stump grinders are of no help… it still takes just as long for the remains of the stump to rot after being ground down…

Birdhouses on post

birdhouses on a post

Several birdhouses displayed together make an interesting focal point… some of the houses even get used by nesting songbirds…

ripped log makes a bench

ripped log bench

I ripped this log with a chainsaw, it makes a functional bench.

Uprooted stump


Finally, an uprooted stump can provide an inspiration when planting woodland perennials….

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