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01/22/2011 in coding, internet

Here’s the photo gallery that I blogged about yesterday.
When I tried it here on the garden blog, and there was a coding conflict. I set it up on an html page this morning…

Tried it again here after adding the gallery link rel to the wordpress header file, instead of the specific post… It worked great… Then I tested it in Internet explorer…Didn’t work worth shucks… Deleted… again… And the entire blog didn’t seem to work with IE on this computer…
Put the gallery back up…

I need some input here… What browser do you use? Does this look ok in your computer?

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2 responses to test

  1. I’m using the Chrome browser (on the cr-48 chrome notebook) and the 3 photo slideshow works fine for me.

    Have you tried Picasa? I like the embedded slideshows that it creates. The only problem with it though is that the photo album used for the slideshow can NOT be modified in any way once the slideshow is created. Adding or deleting even one photo to the album will break the slideshow.

    Update on the cr-48 pilot giveaway:
    During the last couple days some people that were supposed to get the first batch of computers sent out finally got theirs. They were not part of the application process and were picked by Google to receive them. Between the holidays and Google’s not quite stellar implementation of the shipping process things got hung up.

    I hate to raise your hopes but just maybe those that applied might be in the same boat.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for ya.

  2. stone said on 01/24/2011

    I’m using the new rockmelt browser, it’s based on chrome, when I set up the gallery, and the garden blog, I didn’t have ne probs…
    It was just yesterday that it even occurred to me to test with IE… When I searched browser stats yesterday, I saw that ie users were down to less than 30%… Yay!

    I have tried the picassa slide show… I didn’t care for it… I covered various scripts I’d tried in Photo galleries deux.

    Thnx 4 the update on the cr-48….
    I’m so jealous…

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