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Yellow Hibiscus flower

Yellow Hibiscus

Hibiscus aculeatus
  • Native  
  • Perennial  
  • Bloom:  Summer until frost
  • Propagation:  Seed
I used to grow okra in my flower garden. Here's the same flower magnified.... not the vegetable, but has a similar flower... and doesn't need the constant harvesting of the seedpods to keep the flowers coming... as okra seems to...

This hibiscus is very easy to grow... but it may need protection from the deer as they will eat the foliage...

I grow this plant in the shade garden where it often returns as a perennial in zone 8... a few miles north of here may require being treated as an annual...

Comfort-root is as easily grown from seed as the garden okra that it closely resembles... I often leave the plant standing over the winter, and collect the seeds for dispersal in the early Spring.

additional information about hibiscus aculeatus