The Meadow Garden

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Blackeyed-Susan Meadow
Black-eyed Susans
Poppies & Queen Anne's Lace
Poppies & Queen Anne's Lace
tiger lilies
Tiger Lilies
Swamp Sunflowers
Swamp Sunflowers
Blue Salvia
Blue Salvia


yellow hibiscus
Yellow Hibiscus

The Meadow Garden

The Meadow Garden calls for broad swaths of colour. Fortunately, most of the plants for the meadow garden come up well from seed. Hence, I like to plant seed by collecting entire plants (dead) from this years growth to reseed a new area of the meadow. As these plants are mostly perenial, I cut the plants off above the ground after they've turned brown. I plant by placing the entire plant in the new area and allow the seeds to drop naturally. Previous soil cultivation brings a better result.

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| zinnia | blue salvia | lantana | yellow hibiscus | Datura | Daylily | Tithonia | Butterfly-weed

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