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  • Native  
  • Perennial  
  • Bloom:  Early Spring
  • Propagation:  Seed
Trillium is a native resident ot the forest floor. Trillium Blooms early, feb or so in the deep south. Trillium continues to display all summer, turning brown and going dormant in the late summer. Do not pick trillium! The time growing is necessary for next year's bloom. Trillium will not send forth new foliage if picked.

Trillium is not a good choice for the impatient gardener, with a time span of 7 years and longer from seed to bloom. This very slow propagation is reflected in the prices of trillium from Plant Delights, they're asking $22.00 each!

Of course, ordering from a trustworthy source increases the likelihood of a successful gardening experience. I've heard that the trilliums that are available in the little plastic bag [at your local supplier] have a 90% failure rate. I've certainly never had any of those to live.

More trillium information can be found at: Edgewood Gardens
Searching out a local niche nursery that sells plants they produce is the best way to get plants adapted to your garden.