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columbine (aquilegia)


picture by Anita
  • Native  
  • Perennial  
  • Bloom:  Spring
  • Propagation:  Seed
Columbine are relatively short-lived, 5 yrs or so. They're easy to propagate (just collect the seeds when ripe and plant like carrots!) They're absolutely beautiful, said to attract humming birds, & don't require any special treatment.

I have found that in middle Georgia, it's a really good idea to collect my own seed and plant columbines in a seed bed. I've found that nursery grown columbine perform very poorly, often not surviving more than a single year after being removed from the container they were grown in. For best results, plant seeds immediately when ripe. Columbine seed experiance a sharp decline in viability in storage. Columbine can be transplanted any time after they're large enough to handle.... until just before they bloom the first time. After Columbine have bloomed, their ability to survive transplantation drops dramitically.

It is pointless and absurd to deadhead columbines. Columbines often send up additional bloom stalks whether the flowers are cut off, or left alone.

Visit the Columbine blog post for additional columbine pics, cultural info, and a chance to ask questions and make comments.

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