The Shade Garden

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picture of Bloodroot
Blood Root

picture of Green and Gold
Green and Gold

picture of Spigellia
Spigellia (Indian Pink)

picture of foxglove

picture of trout lilly
Trout Lilly

picture of Hellebore
Hellebore (Lenten Rose)

picture of Spiderwort

picture of trillium


picture of dotted horsemint
Dotted Horsemint (Monarda Punctata)

picture of penstemon

picture of turk's cap hibiscus
Turk's Cap Hibiscus

picture of columbine

Lady slipper
the holy grail of the shade garden
picture of wild ginger, asarum sp.
Wild Ginger
arum italica
Arum Italica


The Shade Garden

  • The Shade Garden can be a colourful place.
  • I've installed several shade gardens using these flowers (and others).
  • These flowers bloom at different times of the year.
  • Featured on this page is a partial plant list for successful shade gardening.
In Middle GA where I've been gardening for the last 20 years, it's too hot to spend a lot of time outdoors in the full sun. Hence the shade garden assumes a major role in the landscape.

While leaf textures and leaf colour is generally the primary focus of the shade garden, I feel like the blooms are important. With thought given to bloom times, it's possible to have blooms in the shade garden every month of the year.

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