Fencing out Deer

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Fencing out Deer

I've got a suggestion for the deer proof gardening.

Get a shocker, one that sends a shock every second or so, connect it to a car battery, and put a wire fence around the garden in 3 layers - one loop around the garden at about 3 inches up, one about 8 inches up, and one about 3 feet up.

Put ribbons around it. The deer sees the ribbon and goes to investigate, and puts his nose to it and gets the living daylight scared out of him.

Whenever the deer sees the ribbons it is warned not to go there.

This works with smaller animals too because of the lower ones for cats, groundhogs, raccoons, ect.

It definately does not kill the animal because I know from experience! I've seen it and felt it happen. This is the only thing we have had to work without any animals getting in the garden.

We have used this for many years without deer. We once had a cat touch it and it jumped 3 feet into the air.

Use corn as a guide to putting up the fence. Once it starts tasseling, put the fence up immediately. However, to get a tractor in to plow, you have to take it down. So use the metal posts and the insulated yellow things (brackets?) so you can take it apart easily. Just wiggle the posts back and forth and they come up.
Robert "R.A.W."

Thanks Robert! I'm sure that a lot of people will find this suggestion helpful.

I wrote a piece for a garden club several years ago, describing my garden fence. I'll be posting it soon.... Here's a picture...

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