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snow all over the mountain garden

Mountain garden under a blanket of snow.

new garden shed, posts and beams covered in snow

New garden shed going up. As on my construction page , I'm using the post and beam technique to create an instant shelter.

June 25, 2006

We've been eating potatoes, squash, cucumbers, peas this month.
Sometimes successful gardening requires a degree of flexibility. I planted potatoes in Febuary, it snowed on them twice, then the wild turkeys showed up and scratched up the beds. As a result about a quarter of them didn't come up.
I planted a row of peas that I wasn't here to pick. I got back from GA and the peas in that row were too ripe to eat. So...I dug the potatoes out from under the pea vines! (Last year, I grew potatoes in that bed.) The pea crop that we've been eating were planted closer to the house.

The daylillies are beautiful. I top-dressed them with manure last winter. This spring, clover came up out of the manure. Clover is considered "live mulch" I let it grow. When the daylillies began blooming the clover was as tall as the dayllies! I pulled the clover and laid it down as a mulch. That works too.