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A friend who lives in Maylasia...I met at a website help forum... site

Photo albumWould you like to share some pictures with me? This photo album will allow you to do that. Family friendly pictures only please.

HTML Basics a free 10 page online guide to beginning html a great place to learn more html.
they even provide a way to practice writing code on their site!!
cool stuff!

Learn HTML Basics. HTML code articles, basic HTML code tips, web design tutorials and search engine optimization for small business owners, HTML beginner and anyone building websites.
Validate your markup....Ok, if you have java script on your page, chances are, it won't validate...It's still worth getting one's code as clean as possible...This makes checking for errors easy. a neat free online class where there's instructors who check your homework (for those people who need the interactivity). Learn HTML, paint shop pro. I took their psp course and enjoyed it!

seo class a class to learn how to optimize your site for search engines.

The do's and don'ts of web design
Worth reading!

top ten ways to irritate your website visitors
Analyze your meta tags and keywords. Here's some more help links and file and image hosts.

Spam detector

John's Help Page an amazing resource page!

Hypergurl Here's where I found the clock! There's plenty of cut & paste goodies for your website
Another place to get cut & paste goodies for your website.

favicon ico from picture
get the image of your choice turned into a file that shows up in your address bar! now the picture of your choice will show up when somebody bookmarks your site! An incredible statistical counter for your webpage
In just a few days of having this counter, I've already had visitors from Russia, Canada, The UK, Estonia, Greece, as well as Texas, New York, Virginia & South Carolina!
Now if I could get them to post my guestbook!

Support Forum a website support forum for answering those difficult questions!

Html forums
an interesting forum for giving & recieving critisim on your website and learn stuff.

Here's an interesting page of tools.
Find out your page rank, link value, how much ads on your site would be worth to you, tons more. Another page of tools. check your code, page rank, whois search, tons more. Yet another page of tools. Another page of tools

A friend sent me this link for inclusion in this list.
Are you dissatisfied with your current web host? free has pages full of free web hosts, with descriptions of the hosting, consumer with user comments about each provider. A valuable resource!
Huge collection of freeware links

Established Websites Directory
Here's a directory to submit to if you have a pr4 or better.

Why Google is Saving the Web
writing a better website...Or, How to get noticed by Google

download the internet

Image hosted by
Dig the Web at

Play online games

tara's fun pages

here's some more games
get games for your own website!

Don't click here!

Answers not links, Answers dot com

Concise information in one click

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