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 Do you need a kind word? Here's an affirmation for you. Just type in your name.

the end is near
 I always suspected it, here's proof!
Talk to God (sense of humour required)

blob lander Here's an interesting game.

We all remember the classic Asteroids!

drunk guy
 Help this drunk walk home without falling. keep your browser in front of him going the opposite way from where he's leaning. how far can you get?
Originally located at:
Here's  a whole page full of online games offered for free from bored. com!
  Here's some more.

Games from The definative lightbulb joke page!

ft magazine cover      Here's another great link! The Fortean Times has all manner of unexplainable phenomena collected in one place. Plus great links!

Erin WolfSong's dragon page she's a member of a few webrings that have dragon & related links! look for links at the bottom of her dragon page.

The Free Site! Here's a site to get your free goodies.

NASA gif  Astronomy picture of the day archive. Try it, it's a lot of stars and stuff taken by the Hubble telescope.