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Mountain Garden



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Stone in garden

In begining my new mountain garden at earthstar village, I had to take out the saplings that had come back thickly as the result of the previous stand of pine being decimated by pine beetles.

new mountain garden

Raised beds on the contour lend themselves to gardening on the slope, helping to prevent erosion.

I've stacked the left-over pine logs between the beds to help retain the soil and their bulk will add valuable humus to the soil as they decompose.

See one of the new beds on my soil work page

garden on slope picture

I had a little problem with the rabbits in June.
They were eating the green beens.
The solution was to add a couple eggs to a blender, top it off with water & blend well.
sprinkle over the plants being consumed & no more problem.

tomato plants 07-10-05

garden on slope 07-10-05

07-10-05 The tomato plants are clearing the top of their cages!
Check out the rhododendron that I found after clearing away the overgrowth. Just in time for it to bloom!
Other bushes that I'm leaving include blue berry bushes & hazel nut (filbert). It's a lot more work to interplant the existing stuff, but in my opinion, well worth the extra effort.


blackeye susans

August 05, 2005
Corn & Blackeye susans.
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dry stacked rock wall

Oct 09 05
I busted the blade off my mattock. I need to find somebody who can weld cast metal if I'm going to be digging in these rocks. Here's a few of the rocks that I dug out of my new columbine bed.

Year 2

I'm not at Earthstar Village now, after doing all this work, it was just a drainbow community.