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brugmansia (yellow angel trumpet)

Yellow Brugmansia

picture by Margurite
Brugmansia (also known as Angel Trumpet), benefit from a very liberal application of manure.
Brugmansias are tropical and love a hot spot. Hence a south facing rock or brick wall are ideal.
Brugmansia will usually survive the winter in the deep south (USA).
I take cuttings before frost to make sure I have plants for next year.... Brug cuttings are usually rooted in water, but need a sunny window/grow light, and they have a tendency to rot if the water isn't frequently changed.
Here in middle GA I've found that cutting the plants down after a frost, and just throwing them in a pile in the woods next to the compost pile often results in new plants...
I've taken cuttings and inserted them into the sandy soil in my veggie garden and gotten new plants the next year...
A box of sand in an unheated room works very well for propagating cuttings, set the box outside after danger of frost is over... dump the box out and plant the cuttings after the new plants leaf out...
If you live north of the southern tier of states (zone 6 and colder), you'll probably need to grow your brugs in a pot and have a large sun room... they'll bloom all winter if they get enough sunlight... They are subject to aphids... I allow the anoles (green lizards) to hang out with the brugs indoors, they feed on the aphids... :)
Additional info
Would you like to know more about Brugmansias & Daturas?

International Brugmansia Society
Ibrugs was around for years as IBADS.... Brugs & Daturas...
Find a ton of info about propagation, registering cool new crosses, active forum community, lots of pics, FAQs... on the IBRUGS site.

Try this site as well for brug info, forum, sales...

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