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Hello and thanks for coming.... Come often, I do a lot of revisions.

Update: December 2011, began work on template change. Most of the work is in the nav bar.

12/04/2011 Moved site to new hosting.
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June 2011, Created a  blog at tumblr. Sometimes, a picture and a pithy comment is enough, and sometimes, I want to comment on stuff besides gardening. Tumblr is a fun place to blog, and surf other blogs.

12/07/2010  Word press blog I've set it up to allow visitors to join, post comments, create profile pages, groups... other stuff... I haven't explored all of the possibilities yet....

11/24/2010   figured out how to code the facebook app to reflect my page rather than the developer's page... And changed this page to mostly table-less for faster load time and help the new facebook app fit in...

11/14/2010   joined my site with facebook...

11/04/2010 photo gallery!
Click on the thumbnail pics, check out the login and you can register and get a folder of your own to share your yard pics!

02/20/09 Natives In The Yard [Ning shut me down] A new social networking site promoting growing native plants. Please join, and post your favorite yard pictures!

October 2008 New Butterfly weed page also a new page showing a picture of my house from the back, the last time I saw my beautiful house.

I'm still dispossessed from my home & plant nursery I really need some help and suggestions as to how I can get some positive action toward fixing this proiblem. I don't like being robbed of 15 years of work and not even being able to get my plight publicized.
Jan 11 2008: New seasonal color pics on my calendar

May 1 2007 I've been spending a lot of time on my profile at myspace. I think it looks pretty good.... Who knew that a single page could consume so much time?

April 09 2007 I changed this box from an I-frame to a scrolling paragraph! Last month I changed the navigation bar at the top of the page where it's possible to click anywhere on the square... Previously it was necessary to click directly on the link. These are small changes, but the small ones add up. I've added new pictures, the pages will soon be posted.

July 28 2006 Melinda's garden pictures

July 24 2006 New forum arcade
Arcade for dial-up

July 13 2006 Added 4 new pages: Gloriosa daisy page Shows another variety of blackeye susan.

blueberry enclosure Shows how we've protected the blueberries from birds.

Melinda's shade garden walk

Robert's deer fence Robert wrote to share his method of fencing out deer from his vegetables. I've made that available.

May 24 2006: Added a style sheet and began removing code off the pages, I trust the site loads faster...I don't have an old non compliant browser to test my page on, if you have any trouble, drop me a line.

Jan 28-06 ...Added chicken coop pics on construction page

I have a couple of chat rooms where I can talk to people in something aproximating real time, let's set up a time via email and I can meet you there.
Chat room 1 requires that you have java installed.
(Doesn't seem to work with the Opera browser, Does work with IE & Firefox.)

Chat room 2 requires an installation of macromedia flash.
(works in IE, Firefox, & Opera browsers)

Jan 07-06..Added weather page.

Jan 04-06...Added new pictures to construction page...A demonstration of beams carved from a log with chainsaw... December 01, 05 Hardscape page I've gathered up the hardscape pictures to one place.
November 11, 05 website revised and validated.

September 16, 2005: Do you have gardening questions? Want information on specific plants that I don't have covered yet? Please post your questions here. I'll answer them as soon as I can. Thanks!

September 05,2005 new pge discussing deer resistant gardening.

August 15, 2005 new page discussing soil work

August 12, 2005 I've added a freewebs help page which I hope will be of benefit to all my friends who have websites with

(08-02-05) I've created a new page addressing the issue of whether to deadhead.
I've given the discussion about compost it's own page. I've also added lighter coloured squares on a lot of pages in an effort to make the text easier to read.

Feedback is very much appreciated, Please write me from my contact page or just post on the garden forum.

Brugmansia Brugmansia

click brugmansia pictures for the brug pages.

Brugmansia (Angel's Trumpet)  pictures by Margurite
This is one cool plant! It roots in water, plant this guy in a hot location. Got a rock/brick wall facing south that's too hot to grow anything else? This guy will love it!

click butterfly pictures for the butterfly pages.

A couple of butterfly resource pages. |

Here are links to the full-sized pictures on this page with additional information about each. There's a few extra links thrown in for good measure.

| Daylilly |  3 brugmansia |  yellow brugmansia |  deadheading |  Tiger swallowtail butterfly |  Zebra swallowtail butterfly |  compost |  chatroom |  soil work |  deer resistant gardening |  freewebs help page  |  have garden questions? |  Hire Me |