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new beginings
New Beginings

add a room
Add a Room

new kitchen
New Kitchen

my house in black and white
My House in Black and White

view from back
View from back

my house
My House in February

beams on posts
Beams on Posts

bare rafters
Bare Rafters


Making beams with a chainsaw

beam cut with chainsaw cutting beam with chainsaw begining a beam

Making a chicken coop

chicken coop
chicken coop with roosters
chicken coop

My house and garden shed being constructed. I used post and beam methods and so-called found materials. The thing about "found" materials is a willingness to ask around for the owner of a house or barn that has fallen in on itself. After obtaining permission to salvage this dubious material, be prepared to burn most of it. It still seems like a good deal to get free fire wood and material to build with for the price of one's time.

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Alternative Building Techniques & Construction
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