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summer shade 1
summer shade 2
garden pool

Raised beds

summer meadow

summer child

Green and Gold
Toad lillies

Indian Pink (Spigellia)
Back yard Meadow
Wild Ginger (Asarum Sp.)

Tiger Lilies
Early spring in meadow

I've been working with Anita on her yard for about 8 years now. Her yard just looks nicer each year, with colour all year 'round.

Most of these flowers are perenial. The poppies are annuals, but with their habit of self seeding, they require no more effort than the perenials.
We've planted shade, sun, wet areas. As I get these pictures organized, expect a more complete discussion on each of these garden types.

We've propagated these flowers through seed, cuttings, & division. When the goal is to fill a large area with colour, certain cultural practices should be avoided, most notably deadheading.

Click on the pictures of flowers or the text links at the bottom of the page for larger pictures & discussions of best growing conditions for these perennials, & the others also.

Do you need additional information on growing organically?

I have more gardening pictures and additional gardening help links on flowers and construction, be sure to take a look!

article on creating year 'round colour

All pictures on this page by Anita

Click these links to go to the full-sized pictures on this page with additional information about each of these plants.

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